The Nile language School in manchester , UK accept new students for acaedemic year 2022/2022 from year 1 to GCSE and A-Level in Arabic Language

open day for registeration Sunday 11/09/2022 at Burnage Academy for Boys , Buranage , Manchester M19 1ER from 10 am till 3 pm

please join us for better future of our children

Mission & Vision

To offer our students the skills to communicate in Arabic Language with their family and friends in the same way as their parents and grandparent
To increase the child’s self-confidence to learn the Islamic heritage, and Islamic studiesas well as  understanding its meaning and to learn tajwid.
To prepare the students to pass the GCSE and A-Level in Arabic and Islamic studies
To provide supplementary classes for students to attend every week where they can speak and practice language (Sunday school, Burnage, Manchester)
we have our online classes been going on for more three years to support our remote student nationally and internationally

A WORD From Our Principal

On behalf of the Nile Language school staff, I would like to welcome all students to our school.

The Nile language school aims to teach Arabic, religious studies, and other languages, with the best interests of students in mind, and that includes future job opportunities in a growingly interconnected world.

Our established successes with our students include achieving a success rate of 98% at GCSE and A levels exams. These brilliant results stem from the constant improvement of our teaching methods; the high teaching calibre which the school employs; and the hard work of our students as they engage with our rich programs and assignments.

We take pride in our commitment to the progress of our students which drives us to offer flexible solutions that fit the students with the aim of helping them use their results to grasp future university and job opportunities. Our student-focused approach incorporates online teaching and classes for local and international students.

Our school caters to cultural and religious authenticity in a diverse and integrated British society that celebrates its rich cultural mosaic. The school also promotes the values of respect, tolerance, acceptance and engagement.

Yours faithfully,
Mrs Ghada Moustafa
Head teacher

Our Upcoming Curricular Events & Activities



First day 

the school sunday classes will commence  at Burnage School for Boys from year 1 to GCSE and A-level 10 am till 2:30 pm



Open day 10 am till 3 pm

we welcome everyone to join us in the open day at Burnage Acaedemy for Boys, Burnage lane, Manchester M19 1ER



Registeration for 2022-2023

we are accepting new students for acaedemic year 2022-2023 from year 1 to GCSE and A-Level .Both Online and sunday face to face school places available



online classes will commence

the online calsses for national and international students will start 12 september 2022 and will continue on every Tuesday and Thuresday



Online Application Form

please fill the form to reserve a place for your child, First come first service



Sunday classes face to face application form

please fill the form for face to face classes for manchester sutdent and around

first come first service basis

Our News & Announcements

the Nile Language school continue for the fourth year of success and announce that in the last 3 years over 95% of our students achieve A level and above in GCSE and A-Level ( grade 7, 8 and 9)